Current Volunteers

Junior Volunteers

In 2008, approximately 34% of our volunteers were 18 and under. These youth supported nearly every aspect of our nonprofit, including horse care, assisting participants and fundraising. Volunteers ages 9, 10, and 11 must have parent /guardian supervision on the property at all times. Volunteers ages 12 and 13 must be supervised by an Instructor or Mentor Level Adult Volunteer.


All volunteers, ages 9 and above must fill out a Volunteer Form and complete a comprehensive Volunteer Orientation. This orientation is repeated every year. Including the orientation and every subsequent volunteer time, please document hours spent working for Horses with H.E.A.R.T. on the attached Volunteer Time Sheet.

  • Call the office 928-533-9178 and ask to speak with Maureen Owen, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Email Maureen Owen at
  • Click here to download our Volunteer Form and turn in.